From: Pang Yu Hin, Peter (Director, USP)
Date: 21 Jan 2008 PM 06:33:15
To: dl.class.usp, USP Faculty, USP Admin Staff
Cc: Goh Pei Siong, Daniel
Subject: RE: Journal naming competition and Student editor positions open.

Dear All

I hope your new semester (and new year) is off to a good start.

I apologize for a slightly delayed report on the journal naming competition and student editor recruitment. There were 16 entries for the competition and 7 applications for the editor positions. I want to thank those who participated/applied.

For the competition, in addition to Profs Kang and Teo (and myself), I co-opted two additional judges Dr Lo Mun Hou and Mr Paul Nerney.

We have decided that the winning entry is “Prism”, which was entered by Laremy Lee (Year 4, English + USP), who explained: “It incorporates the ISM acronym into its name. Also, maybe the tagline can be something like: ‘A spectrum of light’, as a play on the title and also because it presents a spectrum of writing meant to enlighten.”

Even though we have not yet decided whether to adopt the name “Prism”, we have decided to give out the prize of $200 to Laremy. Congratulations, Laremy

Heh. But I’m thinking of doing something crazy with the money. More updates soon when I’ve decided what to do.

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