A constant negotiation

I had a mini-epiphany last night before I fell asleep.

Each relationship you are in, regardless of whether it is platonic or non-platonic, entails a constant negotiation.

Because there is no one person with whom you can truly agree on with everything.

So, assuming attraction/like/desire (platonic or non-platonic) is equal for all parties whom you have or intend to have a relationship with, what it all boils down to is:

  • How much you are willing to negotiate or invest in negotiations with said parties.

    And since negotiations eventually involve some kind of middle ground, where both parties strive to attain a balance between what each party wants/needs, then what makes the relationship efficient is when…

  • How many compromises have to be made, with the goal being to have as few as possible.Which means that from the outset, both parties have to agree on as many things as possible.

I think I need to start compiling some kind of guide book to help me along the way in life.

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