Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are
By Laremy Lee

in the lamps on the rise
flashing flames in the distance
dotting skylines and the dark
visual morse code; semaphores
a braille to be read with fingers
touching fingers kindling meaning
lighting ways and the bends
flying over Keppel Road.
fleeting concrete monoliths
Ozymandias looks upon
a golden age, a distant sigh:
smouldering fumes weight the land
on their sides, gantries lie
reflecting – that jubilance –

oceans softly tumbling by

slender arms circle round
in my gut
bosom pressed against my back
and the wind whipping wind
sings the song of marching time
and the collar on my helmet
rat-a-tat / reckless engine
fills the air and my heart
with the warmth of a grin
and a knowing that we’re going
back home

First published in Chia, C., Ip, J., and Lee, C. J., eds. A Luxury We Must Afford: An Anthology of Singapore Poetry. Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2016. 31. Print.