Lucky Strikes

Lucky Strikes
By Laremy Lee

For all the boys from 10A04.

Fumbles one out from the box, strikes
it at a dulled edge: conversation
does not ensue. He tries again – twice,
thrice, before its head snaps off, departing
into the distance of a long, lonely night.
Leaves him standing there, limp
cigarette dangling loosely from his lips,
moisture slowly soaking filter tip.

Lighting up shouldn’t be a dismal match
grovelling wildly at the feet of blunted flints,
looking to catch the song of a spark
in a vain draw on an inflamed hope –
that determination will grow into fire.

First published in Goh, W., and Lee, W. F., eds. Ceriph: Housing Singaporean Thoughts (Issue Three). Singapore: Math Paper Press, 2011. 59. Print.