Growing up

You know you’ve crossed a certain temporal threshold in your existence when you and your guy friends excitedly:

  1. Download – at a solemnisation lunch – a heart rate monitor app to check how healthy you all are;Instant Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio


  2. Discuss – over Whatsapp – how the Philips AirFryer has gone down in price

    -“…from $300plus to $249!”
    -“Will it go down further?”

    AND THEN contemplate buying the damn air fryer.

    Philips AirFryer

And that’s not even mentioning the Chinese Chess while we were having drinks!

Wow guys - we've really aged.

“Skyfall” by Adele – ultimate National Day song!


Have you watched Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie? It’s awesome!

Regardless, have you heard “Skyfall” by Adele, the theme song of – jang jang jang! – Skyfall?

If you have or when you do, you’ll realise that “Skyfall” is, like, the ULTIMATE National Day song ever!


  • A world in crisis: “This is the end”; “When worlds collide and days are dark” – check.
  • Propagating communitarian values: “Let the sky fall, when it crumbles/We will stand tall/Face it all together” – check.
  • The watchful eye of Big Brother: “Where you go I go,/What you see I see” – check.
  • The strangely nurturing yet protective might of defence forces: “I know I’ll never be me, without the security/Of your loving arms/Keeping me from harm/Put your hand in my hand/And we’ll stand” – check.

BONUS: A not-so-subtle reference to ‘ponding’ in “I’ve drowned”.

Guess we know who to hire next year to write the National Day 2013 theme song!

P.S. Just discovered a really awesome mash-up: Adele’s “Skyfall” and Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.