Stuff you must read today (Sat, 18 Oct 2013) – The Productivity Edition

Sleep paralysis or night terrors.

This is a painting entitled “The Nightmare” (1781) by Henry Fuseli and it depicts the condition of sleep paralysis/night terrors.

I used to suffer from this condition. I probably still have it but its occurrences have diminished somewhat since I started:

  • Having (somewhat) regular sleep patterns,
  • Getting (somewhat) more rest, and
  • Moderating my caffeine intake.

Anyway, I just found out that someone close to me suffers from this condition, so I decided to read up about it again. This condition supposedly affects Asians and teens* more than it does other people, so I thought I’d post up some info here so that you can find out how to deal with this condition if you suffer from it too**:

Have a good rest tonight.

* Coincidentally (or not), I used to get the worst attacks during my JC years.
** I realise I suffered from it for so long because:

  • Of ignorance: I thought it was ‘spirits’, and the people around me weren’t inclined to discourage me from adopting that point of view, and
  • It never occurred to me to do research on the conditions I was afflicted with until I was slightly older. Then again, Googling for information has become a norm, so it could also be techno-cultural evolution, I guess.

*** Oh! I think Emily Bronte and Roald Dahl may have made references to sleep paralysis in their stories (Wuthering Heights and a short story about a snake in a bed, respectively) too, although it seemed they might not have known about this condition at those times. I’ll need to dig up the stories again to be sure.

My first waking thought:

There is no inherent evolutionary benefit for small dogs that yip incessantly for no good reason.

I’m serious. I was rudely awakened in the early hours of dawn by a small, yipping dog that stays in the blocks of flats opposite my window. That sucked because I hate having my sleep interrupted. I have trouble sleeping at night and some sleep disorders to boot, so getting a good rest can sometimes be quite a challenge.

Coincidentally, Cowboy Caleb posted a link to a visual opinion piece in the New York Times which provides another perspective on the difficulties of getting a good night’s sleep.

I hope small, yipping dogs get bred out of the evolutionary chain soon.