I got into a minor scrape while on my way to Holland Village for dinner last night.

It was raining but I was doing my thing i.e. being safe.

However, this hmstrfckr of a driver came along and nearly sideswiped me after the right turn from Farrer Road into Holland Road.

As a reflex action, I jammed on the brakes but Le Poots skidded and I took a tumble.

(Yes, I know I could’ve corrected the skid but hindsight is always 20/20.)

Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I took the impact of the fall on my left side so I have contusions/abrasions on my elbow and left leg.

My phone bore the brunt of it though:

Guess Gorilla Glass ain’t as strong as Titanium huh.

Anyway, I picked myself up, dusted myself and my bruised body/ego off and continued on to dinner.

It was only after dinner that I realised Pooters was missing a cylindrical plate.

I was, like: do I go look for it? Do I just send Pooters to the mechanic and ask him to order a new part for it?

On a whim, I thought: OK, I’ll just sweep the area and if I find the plate, I find it; if I don’t, I don’t.

Bruised and battered.

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I found it!


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… THE PUTTRESS DUSTBIN-BUTTRESSED FORTRESS!

If a cyclist like Freddy Khoo wasn’t even spared, what more a poor scooter, eh?

Hence, I’ve been forced to erect a barricade around Pooters to prevent douchebag drivers from:

  • Scraping against Pooters;
  • Knocking against its side mirrors/IU; or worse –
  • Manhandling my poor scooter and shifting it every which way, if only to suit their own selfish convenience.

P.S. my scooters is called Pooters, but for some strange reason that only he can fathom, my father pronounces Pooters as “Puttress”…

P.P.S. in case you don’t know why Pooters is Pooters.

Hanuman moving a mountain.

Image of Hanuman moving a mountain on the side of a van.

So I was riding along Bendeemer Road one day when I saw this van headed in the direction of Little India.

I quickly whipped out my mobile phone to take a picture of it because I was quite pleased by the symbolism of the image/advertisement.


  • The name of the company that owns this van is Sri Ram Exports Pte Ltd.
  • The image on the van is that of Hanuman moving a mountain (click on the link and read the entire page to understand why Hanuman is moving a mountain).
  • Ultimately, the story of Hanuman moving a mountain is supposed to demonstrate his devotion toward Ram.
  • Whoever commissioned the advertisement wanted to portray the Export company in a similar light i.e. we’ll get your goods to you in good time even if we have to cross oceans to reach you.

That’s quite clever, right?

(On hindsight: yes, it’s clever – so long as my assumptions are correct i.e.

  • For all I know, whoever commissioned the ad could’ve just done so without making any of the connections I mentioned above.
  • Also, my knowledge of Hindu mythology is quite limited so I could’ve got the interpretation wrong.)