ICA press releases are hilarious!

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore

So I was at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA’s) website the other day when a section titled “Latest Press Releases” got me chuckling with these eye-catching titles:

19 Sep 2013 – Angry Birds: The ICA Version
29 Aug 2013 – Caught In The Web Of Love
19 Aug 2013 – The Curtain Comes Down Twice

Damn hilarious!

And that’s just a sampling of the goodness that’s on offer.

There’s more what that came from – check out the press releases for the year (and have a look through the archives while you’re at it)!

As a friend on Facebook said, “By golly, I think you’ve hit on a civil service gold mine!”

I totally want to meet the person(s) behind this, man. I think we’d become good friends.