Okonomiyaki House Iroha 168.

Just another plug for a restaurant which offered food and service that I really enjoyed.

Food: I don’t have pictures of the food at the moment but trust me – the food rocks if you’re a fan of condiments unsparingly dribbled over your food. The chef fries a mean dish of shiitake mushrooms too.

Service: The defining moment of the service quality? When the Japanese chef came over to me to ask very politely if I would like bonito flakes on my vegetable pancake. I thought that was very astute of him, and I admire foresight in people.

Price: Don’t expect food court prices, but I don’t mind paying what I did (about $27.50 per person, inclusive of a tip) because the food and service made up for it. Nevertheless, DBS cardholders get 10% off the bill, so if you haven’t blindly cancelled yours, you know where to use it next 🙂


442 Orchard Road
#B1-06 Orchard Hotel

Tel: 6738 1683