My response to “Singapore on the lookout for new NMP candidates”.

I fully support any NMP who is willing to speak up for minority rights, regardless of what the minority group is. We should be fair and provide a platform for a multiplicity of voices to be heard, ranging from groups like Jehovah’s Witnesses, to NSmen (yes – even NSmen can be considered a minority group), and even QLGBTs.

At the same time, I think the people who have slandered Mr Siew Kum Hong should be ashamed of themselves. You have no right to drag anyone’s name through the mud just to fulfill your own agenda.

To these people: stop being selfish. Everyone is as human as you are and everyone wants to be treated justly and fairly.

You are lucky because you were born into a majority group – whether it is race-based, religion-based or the like. The difference between you and the people who do not belong to the same group that you belong to is purely superficial; to paraphrase Shakespeare loosely, everyone’s blood bleeds red regardless of the cut that is made. Let’s keep that in mind when making decisions for the good of Singapore society.

Also, I hope the people who have left comments that are derogatory and/or defamatory in nature will please have the guts to apologise and retract their statements. As mentioned, everyone bleeds too – how would you like it if you were the one being slandered?


You can read the rest of the thread here. Please do consider posting something if you feel strongly enough about the issue to do so.