A personal call

This is somewhat belated, but I’m only getting up to speed on sharing the crazy things that’ve happened over the course of the last two months.

Stock Photo: A young woman holding a phone to her ear and biting the tip of the temple cover of her spectacles in a manner that, I assume, is supposed to be seductive.

Back in July, I received a message from one of the Checkpoint Theatre interns saying: “A call for you came in via the Checkpoint Theatre landline – it’s from [redacted], who says it’s a personal call and left her number [redacted]. I said I’d let you know”.

So I thank the intern and look through my phone book – I have four female friends with the same name but the number is not one I’ve stored.

So I am very wary because I know none of these friends have changed their numbers recently, and they won’t be such kookaburras as to resort to such a roundabout way of getting in touch with me.

So I cautiously call the number and wait…

She: Hello?

Me: Er, hello? Is this [redacted]?

She: Ah yes! Is this Laremy?

Me: Yes, it’s me.

She: Thanks for returning my call! I thought I’d give you a call because I read your article in Her World Singapore.

Me: OK…

She: The May issue.

Me: OK…

She: So I Googled your name and I came across the Checkpoint Theatre website and I thought I’d call you there.

Me: OK…

She: I’m actually from AIA Singapore

Many people – because I posted this encounter on Facebook – seemed to agree that she was “dedicated to her job” and that she should be given “points for [her] effort” at tracking down a new customer.

I guess… but I also thought it was a tad manipulative/unethical. Besides, can insurance agents do this kinda thing? Isn’t there a law against obtaining information in a certain manner?

In any case, my favourite solution is this comment from a friend:

Give me her number? I have IT solutions to sell to her. Hopefully she also has friends with the same name as well.

(For the record, I didn’t give her number away, though I was sorely tempted to lodge a complaint with AIA.)


Graduating from pictures of cats in enclosed spaces to pictures of birds…

Upon a ledge; into the abyss
Upon a ledge; into the abyss

The pigeons are perched upon an air-con generator and just being bird-brained, as usual.

But I like to imagine they’re actually giant mutant pigeons standing atop a block of flats having a conversation about breaking up right before they swoop down on the puny little humans below them.

Fat bird feeling sad; wondering: "Why does it always rain on me?"
Fat bird feeling sad; wondering: “Why does it always rain on me?”

Yet another exercise in avian anthropomorphism – this time, a mynah waiting out the rain was standing on the ledge at my kitchen window.

It was all wet and looked a sorry sight indeed.

I was very tempted to sympathise with it, but I couldn’t bring myself to, considering how these mynah bastards enjoy entering my house, eating my food and shitting all over my kitchen floor.

Much like my friends, actually, except my friends enjoy making racist remarks in lieu of shitting all over my kitchen floor.

Actually, that’s almost akin to shitting all over my kitchen floor, so I guess I have bird-brained friends too.