Her World: Ladies, Do the Cheque Dance!

Ladies, Do the Cheque Dance!

My column in this month’s issue of Her World is out!

Ladies, Do the Cheque Dance!
Should men pay on the first date? Should women offer to pay their share? LAREMY LEE offers a suggestion to this age-old conundrum.

I started dating again after ending a long-term relationship last year. After five months out of the game, I quickly found I had to relearn many of its rules. The first – who pays on the first date?

On hindsight, I should’ve asked around first. Unfortunately, I’m prone to adopting a ‘just do, don’t think so much’ mentality, which often leaves me in situations where I have to learn from experience.

First Date #01: Dinner with M.
The conversation flowed smoothly; M and I had quite a bit in common in terms of career decisions and personal interests.

Going well, I thought. Definitely want to see her again.

When the bill arrived, I was all set to pay. But M threw a spanner in the works, saying, “Hey, I don’t have cash – let me pay by card.”

Before my brain could process what was happening, my mouth blurted out, “Er, OK?” M gave me a squinty, sideways glance and primly placed her piece of plastic in the bill folder.

Five seconds later, it hit me like a Ferrari running a red light at Rochor Road: Oh my gosh! I wasn’t supposed to let her pay!

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Her World: Dear, Can I Go Out With The Guys?

Dear, Can I Go Out With The Guys?

My first column in Her World!

Dear, Can I Go Out With The Guys?
Why should men ask for permission to have a boys’ night out? LAREMY LEE learns the answer – along with why guys need alibis.

Recently, two trends have emerged in my life:

  • More and more of my engaged or married guy friends need to ask their fiancées or spouses for permission to hang out.
  • More and more of said guy friends use me as their “alibi” when getting said permission.

No, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Let me explain…

I can’t post the full text because of copyright reasons so please get a copy of the February issue of Her World from newsstands today!