Happy World Mental Health Day 2021!

Happy World Mental Health Day 2021

Happy World Mental Health Day!

Today, we’ll see many people telling us to care for others. This is important.

At the same time, I’d like us all to take a step back and have a think about whether we’ve cared for ourselves.

Very often, we think we’re being selfless by putting others first and relegating our own needs to the backburner.

However, when we help others at our own expense, we’re actually being selfish; we end up not being able to help anyone at all, for want of sufficient self-care.

As we advocate for greater sensitivity to others’ mental healthcare needs, let’s also remember our own.

I’ve seen how damaging it is when leaders, friends and family members allow their own mental health issues to overtake them.

So distracted are they by the desire to provide for others that they end up depriving themselves of both self-care, as well as the cognitive bandwidth needed for self-awareness, to recognise how fast they’re falling – or how far they’ve fallen.

In the process, they end up hurting their colleagues, buddies and loved ones, and, in the process, irreparably damaging communities and relationships.

Air travel may seem like a foreign land to us these days, yet the safety guidelines provided during take-off briefings – regarding oxygen mask usage in emergencies – are instructive:

May we always remember to wear our own oxygen masks before helping others wear theirs.

Growing up

You know you’ve crossed a certain temporal threshold in your existence when you and your guy friends excitedly:

  1. Download – at a solemnisation lunch – a heart rate monitor app to check how healthy you all are;Instant Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio


  2. Discuss – over Whatsapp – how the Philips AirFryer has gone down in price

    -“…from $300plus to $249!”
    -“Will it go down further?”

    AND THEN contemplate buying the damn air fryer.

    Philips AirFryer

And that’s not even mentioning the Chinese Chess while we were having drinks!

Wow guys - we've really aged.