Condensed thoughts.

This is one of the downsides of not having a mobile data plan – being unable to share my very interesting thoughts (yeah, right) with all of you ON THE FLY.

However, the corollary of that would be permanent cyborgism i.e. if I had a mobile data plan, I’d probably be Tweeting and Facebooking non-stop like some of you losers (wei… just kidding).

So in no order of merit but in some order of chronology, here is what has happened over the last two days:

  • Was travelling along Upper Thomson Road yesterday, on my way to Khatib Camp, when I went past Nee Soon Camp. Both sides of the road were lined with cars. I was like: WTF? Is there some large-scale mobilisation or something like that going on? Was simultaneously worried and intrigued at the same time.
  • I realise I have a very deep fascination with military camps – so long as I’m not forced to have to stay in one.
  • Military facilities e.g. camps, live firing areas, etc. in Singapore have some of the most beautiful architecture or scenery in the land but unfortunately, the majority of the people who have the privilege to appreciate this beauty are Philistines. Philistines, I tell you!
  • I have a newfound love and appreciate for the word “Philistine”. Other words I love but rarely have a chance to use: zeugma, anthropomorphic and bond-free.
  • On my way back from Khatib Camp, travelling along the same road, I discovered the reason for the rows of parked vehicles: Friday prayers!
  • It’d be nice to work for PIONEER again. That way I can write and live out my concurrent fascination/repulsion for all things military in Singapore. (There are downsides to this but I shall not discuss them today.)
  • I’ve finally learnt how to work the Closed Stacks system at the National Library. It may be a tad premature to make this judgement, but IMHO, the NUS Closed Stacks > National Library Closed Stacks system.
  • In any case, the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library experience, much like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, has been quite good and user-friendly, so far. Good work, the two librarians – yes, you; the ones who Googled my name.
  • I miss being a student! Somewhat.
  • Munshi Abdullah is hilarious. For some good chucks, please read The Voyage of Abdullah (959.51 ABD).
  • Popcorn. To be elaborated on in a future post (hopefully).

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Romano Ristorante.

Went there for lunch yesterday without reading any reviews; we wanted to try something different so we headed to the Jalan Leban area and browsed the restaurants before settling on Romano’s.


It was a good choice. I liked the:

  • Calzone with Mushrooms,
  • Bellini (some Italian soda concoction),
  • Marscapone Tiramisu.

For your info, the food was 3.5/5 quality. Having said that, the prices match the quality of the food so don’t go there expecting to be blown away.

What impressed me most (hence a blog post dedicated to it) was the service (obviously) – the staff members were friendly without being familiar; respectful without being obsequious; helpful without being intrusive.

Go there, now.