Stuff you must read today (Fri, 4 Oct 2013) – The Erotic Services Edition

Fortunately or unfortunately, the only service provided here is education.


  • The Awesome Sex Worker Who Loves Disabled Clients | Jezebel
    Eye-opening; hadn’t even been aware about this issue until reading the article and watching the video.
  • True Stories: I Was A Receptionist In An Australian Brothel | Nerve
    “Sometimes they ask me if I’m tempted to jump the counter, make $250 an hour instead of $30. My Australian blue-collar boyfriend angrily asked me the same question when I first started work… . The guys who call, overwhelmed by all the choices I offer them, frequently say, “You sound nice. Can I just have you?” I laugh and tell them no”.
  • Adventures in Ideas: Sex Workers of the World, Unite! An Interview With Maxine Doogan | Freakonomics
    “…I met several exotic dancers who didn’t think of themselves as sex workers… . It was important to them to protect their legal work status and not admit that some of their activities inside the dance clubs involved sex… . Then there are those who call themselves specific names like escorts or courtesans as a means of separating their activities from prostitutes because they don’t want to be associated with something that carries so many negative social stigmas and results in so much discrimination… . That’s why I named our organization Erotic Service Providers – it speaks more specifically to the fact that our labor is erotic in nature without using the hot button ‘sex’ word, but still calls out how our respective sub-economies have intersections that [a]ffect each other”.
  • The Year I Spent As A Phone-Sex Operator | Nerve
    “Being a phone-sex operator was a lot like sitting in a confessional when the priest is away. You hear private things that should probably be told to someone else, but they need to be told to someone, so it might as well be you”.
  • Storytime with… A Happy Endings Masseur for Women | Nerve
    Women aren’t generally known to be the recipients of happy ending massages. Is there a hidden demand that you’re meeting?

    Absolutely. Clients’ attitudes are, when it comes to happy endings, why should men have all the fun? With nearly 300 individual clients to date, many of whom are regulars, there’s obviously a strong demand for this kind of thing”.

Stuff you must read today (Fri, 13 Sep 2013) – The Literary Edition

  • David Ferry’s Beautiful Thefts | The New Yorker
    “One reason people’s aversion to poetry sometimes passes over into strong annoyance, or even resentment, is that poems steal our very language out from under us and return it malformed, misshapen, hardly recognizable”.
  • Poet’s Kinship With the President | The New York Times
    “‘Richard was always a complete engineer within poetry,’ Professor McGrath said. ‘If you said it needs a little work here or there, a whole transfiguration of a poem emerged. He understood revision not to be just a touch-up job but a complete reimagining, a reworking. I know that’s connected to his engineering skill.'”
  • The pun conundrum | BBC News
    “The late William Safire, the New York Times’s long-time language writer, wrote in 2005 that a pun ‘is to wordplay what dominatrix sex is to foreplay – a stinging whip that elicits groans of guilty pleasure'”.
  • Samuel Beckett meets the Teletubbies | Improbable Research
    A possible reason why the Teletubbies always had that element of “[n]othing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful!”.
  • “Jane Austen, Game Theorist”: Full Transcript | Freakonomics
    “…in Pride And Prejudice, Mrs. Bennet is not a very sympathetic character, and she seems to be very foolish. But if you look at what she accomplishes it’s pretty good. She gets Jane married and she even sort of incentivizes Lydia…the younger sister, who in a very sort of crisis-y kind of way…runs off with Wigham without being married, which is a scandal. But I argue in the book that maybe she does that because she realizes the only way she can get some money in her marriage is to marry somebody who is not necessarily super committed to her…to create [a] crisis situation so the richer members of her family will then solve the problem for her. And that’s what happens”.