The ongoing motorcycle insurance saga!

So this is the third year of the ongoing motorcycle insurance saga, which I’m sure all 25 of you – my long-time, loyal readers and fans – are following very closely.

If you need to get up to speed, please read:

  1. Dear NTUC Income; and
  2. Human beings are like currents

This year, I’m proud to announce that the ‘Renew’ button has reappeared on the NTUC Income website:

Also, my premium has gone down to $230.03 (from $322.58 the previous year and $295.21 the year before), after a $10 rebate which NTUC Income is supposed to mail to me within a fortnight.

BTW I did scout around for another insurer this year. DirectAsia had my attention for a while; it was cheaper (by approximately $5) but I realised I’d have to pay $600 in excess if I were to make a claim.

I’ve been accident-free since ’05 (and I’m hoping to stay that way for the rest of my years!) but NTUC Income still offers the best option in the worst-case scenario.

So well done, NTUC Income – you get to keep my business for another year.


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting… THE PUTTRESS DUSTBIN-BUTTRESSED FORTRESS!

If a cyclist like Freddy Khoo wasn’t even spared, what more a poor scooter, eh?

Hence, I’ve been forced to erect a barricade around Pooters to prevent douchebag drivers from:

  • Scraping against Pooters;
  • Knocking against its side mirrors/IU; or worse –
  • Manhandling my poor scooter and shifting it every which way, if only to suit their own selfish convenience.

P.S. my scooters is called Pooters, but for some strange reason that only he can fathom, my father pronounces Pooters as “Puttress”…

P.P.S. in case you don’t know why Pooters is Pooters.

Dear NTUC Income.

Last year, I wrote about how convenient your service was when it came to renewing my motorcycle insurance.


Motorcycle insurance renewal letter: no, I'm not interested in calling my agent or your 24-hour customer service hotline! I just want to click a button and give you my money!


NTUC Income Online: where is the renew button for me to renew my motorcycle insurance?

What is – I don’t even – which hamster told you that customers are desirous of this heinous pigletry???

I don’t want to “call [my] agent or [your] 24-hour hotline” because I don’t need to talk to a human being to do this.

I just want to click a button and give you my money so that you can insure Le Poots and I – that is all.

Like what you see in this picture here, just in case you’ve forgotten what convenience and customer service is all about:

Customer service and convenience, circa 2010.

At the same time, it seems my premium has increased to $322.58. Why?

If you think this is an uneducated grouse, don’t worry – I know what the basic principles of insurance entail.

Nevertheless, my question centres on a logical Key Performance Indicator that all efficient insurers should adopt (or should have at least adopted), and that is: insurers must aim to maintain or reduce the year-on-year premiums that a customer has to pay.

But why can’t insurers meet that aim in Singapore?

Is it because of:

I have no ready answers.

But if anything, ladies and gentlemen, this is yet another reason why we need honest and customer-oriented people in charge of the organisations and institutions in our country.