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The Power of Notions/Notions of Power
12 and 13 March 2011, 8.00 pm

What happens when you place six playwrights and three historical texts in one museum?

Responding to some of Singapore's most significant historical texts - Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals); Hikayat Munshi Abdullah; and Frank Swettenham's Malay Sketches - six young writers create six short plays on power, art and... paper cranes.

Bold, irreverent, delightful and insightful, "The Power of Notions/Notions of Power" energises the museum galleries and challenges our ideas of reality, performance, identity and, possibly, life itself.

Written by Christine Chong, Lucas Ho, Daniel Koh, Cheryl Lee, Laremy Lee & Alissa Rode.

Performed by Biwa Mastura binte Mohd Said, Ethan Chia, Marc Valentine Chia, Lucas Ho, Dan Jenkins, Cheryl Lee, Leow Xiao Tang, Sabrina Sng, Noorlinah Mohamed, Rodney Oliveiro, Bright Ong, Karina Sindicich, Darius Tan & Karen Tan.

Curated by Huzir Sulaiman.
Directed by Claire Wong.

The Power of Notions/Notions of Power
12 and 13 March 2011, 8.00 pm
NUS Museum, University Cultural Centre
50 Kent Ridge Crescent

Limited capacity: 35 pax per evening.
Admission is free and by registration only.
Please register at or call 6516 8429 / 6516 8817.

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