Where should I go for a vacation in December?

Based on my newfound conviction that the Internet is a giant brain, I’d like to pose the above-mentioned question to people who have travelled more than I have.

The rationale here is simple: you’re an expert, I’m not. I can trawl the Internet for answers, but the most efficient solution is really word-of-mouth, then research to confirm.

Some considerations I have:

  1. It’s a writing vacation – I’m not really going to do the tourist-thing; I just want to escape to somewhere peaceful where I can indulge my writerly instincts (yes, yes – I am romanticising quite a bit).
  2. The environment needs to be significantly more inspiring than that of Singapore’s. I’m sorry – I really love Singapore but it can be a really uninspiring place sometimes. This will, of course, change when I am in charge.
  3. I’ll be going in December, probably for the first two weeks or so.
  4. I’d like to go to somewhere in Southeast Asia, like Thailand (I’m thinking Phuket or Pattaya) but if anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know.
  5. I’d like a chalet/villa kinda gig, where I can wake up, open the door and see the beach, then make breakfast for myself before hunkering down to write.

Do let me know if anything comes to mind – I’d really appreciate your advice 🙂

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