What I’d like to do in the future.

When I have slightly more permanence in the classroom + opportunities to adapt the environment to suit my needs.

  1. Run diagnostic test. Find out who has strengths in the subject, who has difficulties – use these profile for configuration/reconfiguration in class.
  2. Cater to diverse learners. Use results from diagnostic to let independent ones learn independently. No point making them run when they can fly.
  3. From (2), less people in the classroom = more time to concentrate on the rest. They are the people who need the most focus, anyway.
  4. Communication. Need to be connected to the network the school uses to ‘speak’ with the students. Alternatively, make sure contact list is up as soon as possible to have more channels to transmit/receive information.
  5. ICT the enabler. Google Documents for feedback, peer-editing, submission of work, etc; wikis for collaborative work; blog to share thoughts/interact with others. I’m totally not doing that now because I can’t find any way/space to introduce it – and not for want of trying.

To be updated over time too.

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